4 Businesses You Can Do Right Now From Home! The best idea if you want to stay home

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1. Writing Articles (It’s powerful)


  1. You can start it in many ways.
  2. It’s very very Powerful
  3. You can build trust with others.
  4. You don’t have to learn any new thing. Just try to express your thoughts on blogs.


  1. It’s not a good thing if you are very very weak in writing.
  2. You can’t have too many profits if you don’t have anything to promote.
  3. It takes a little time

How to start

  1. Write articles on forums like Quora, Reddit. Or you can write on Medium too.
  2. Write posts on any social media like Facebook, Pinterest. These two are the best social media right now for blogs.

2. Do User Testing (It’s not hard)

  1. You can start a service just by signing up for some User Testing websites.
  2. It’s quick cash.
  3. It’s a very simple process.


  1. It is not a big amount of cash.
  2. Not relevant for a full career, just a boost.
  3. Have a little bit of competition.
  4. You have to be a person who can talk to people on phone calls without difficulties.

How to start

  1. The starting is very very easy. Websites like Usertesting, I have experience in web testings so, I suggest TryMyUI, Enroll. Or You can start service by making a gig in Fiverr.
  2. You can have your own website where people can contact you for getting service.

3. Have a dropshipping website (good for serious business)

What is it and How to start


  1. It’s a good start.
  2. You can make a good business.
  3. It is automatic money after doing some setups.


  1. You should have some technical skills.
  2. You have to make some arrangements so the customers buy from your site, like making a blog to promote.
  3. You have to do some payments monthly. But it’s not too much.

4. Freelancing (Good for a career, have to keep patience)

What Is It?

How can it be a service from home or while traveling?


  1. You can earn way more than your job salary in some criteria!
  2. You are a business person in this case and you are independent.
  3. You can choose to work at your favorite service.
  4. In some cases, You don’t need certifications/degrees.
  5. You can get the experience of working with many people.
  6. You can work how much you want and you will learn a lot from this.
  1. You have to be more persistent. Because it’s very hard if you are just starting.
  2. For 6–7 months, you have to support your income with other side jobs. But there can be exceptions.
  3. You won’t get extra money like vacation money, health insurance, holidays will depend on you.
  4. It’s easy to take holidays as there is none to boss you around. But it can harm your productivity because sometimes, You get careless!
  5. You can fall into the wrong routes if you don’t receive roadmaps. For example- difficulty in pricing your services or choosing the right category.

how to start

  1. You can contact people directly and give them your business cards.
  2. You can showcase your services in magazines or some websites.
  3. You can start on freelance Job sites. For example- Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour (I didn’t stay for long in these websites, So I can’t really recommend these)
  4. You can create your own Website where people can see your details and contact. (Recommended)

Why and when You shouldn’t try freelance job sites?

  1. You will not receive good cash when you are new.
  2. You don’t have the control of the communication. You can’t contact outside websites and you also have some other restrictions.
  3. You will rarely receive very big, high-paying clients. But the medium clients will be the source of big money because you will have multiple clients per month.

What you should do now?

Sami Ibn Shafi



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